“Responsibility and Professionalism, Honesty and Loyalty for the Client”

Contract Law

  • Law consulting with regards to agreements creating obligations enforceable by law in a civil and trade turnover context.
  • Preparation of specific contracts in compliance with the clients’ preferences – purchase, rent, donation, manufacturing and others.
  • Assistance with voluntary and amicable settlement contractual relations, negotiation for reaching agreements on such

Commercial Law

  • Registration of one-man business, Ltd, joint-stock company, limited partnership, general partnership, general partnership with shares, associations and foundations
  • Preparation of all types of contracts.
  • Registration of changes in circumstances regarding all types of companies.
  • Transformation of companies – merger, acquisition, separation or division.
  • Suspension, liquidation and deregistration of companies.
  • Preparation of statutes, founding corporate contracts, protocols, invitations, decisions or other acts of commercial companies.
  • Subscriber service to merchants.

Property Law

  • Law consulting in terms of real estate acquisition or selling, participation in negotiations, representation before real estate agencies.
  • Preparation of preliminary contracts, drafts of deeds, assistance in the supply of all documents needed for notary act, representation before a notary.
  • Legal assistance in carrying out the necessary procedures after the preparation of the deed – procedures before the Registry Agency and other state and municipal authorities.
  • Protection of property rights
  • Partition of co-owned property and real estate.
  • Performance of a circumstantial check for acquisition of real estate by prescription
  • Acquisition of real estate and property by public offering.
  • Regime of property rights under the Law on Spatial Planning – right to build, upgrade and additions, reconstruction of premises, right to pass
  • Real estate management – preparing leases, management and maintenance.
  • Consultations on the issues of condominium, registration of condominiums.
  • Making inquiries at the Registry Agency.

Family Law

  • Marriage contract – preparation, certification and registration
  • Divorce – amicably and in a civil action
  • Parental rights and regime of personal relationships between parents and children, grandchildren and grandparents.
  • Determination of – a large share of property after divorce
  • Support of a child and husband.
  • Ownership of the child, contesting paternity and establishment of origin
  • Solving disputes in disagreements regarding child travels abroad
  • Dealing with property of a minor and transacting with the minor.
  • Complete and incomplete adoption.
  • Measures for Child Protection.
  • Domestic violence.

Law of Succession

  • Determination of hereditary shares.
  • Partition of inheritance.
  • Drafting of wills
  • Acceptance and waiver.
  • Restoration of the impaired part of the preserved heritage

Labour Law

  • Preparation of contracts and their annexes, documents for appointing and reappointing workers and employees, orders, job descriptions, documents of disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, payment of benefits, rules for internal labour order and other
  • Legal advice to employees in regards with occurred labour disputes, claims against unfair dismissal, reinstatement, payment of due compensation, use of leave, unpaid wages and other.
  • Legal advice to employers in regards with the implementation of disciplinary and financial liability of employees, work overtime, establishment of extended / reduced working hours and other.
  • Consultation on the Health and Safety at Work.
  • Other advice on employment and insurance law

Administrative Law

  • Legal aid at issue, execution or appeal of administrative acts and administrative services by government and municipal bodies.
  • Litigation and Protection in administrative cases
  • Litigation and defence in administrative and criminal cases – appeal of penal provisions for imposing penalties and fines

Insurance Law

  • Advice on all aspects of insurance law
  • File an objection to the refusal of the insurer to pay the insurance indemnity or sum
  • Submit a written claim to the insurer in regards with the obligation to pay the insurance indemnity or sum
  • Litigation before all instances of the Bulgarian courts in insurance matters.

Patent Law

  • Research on innovation (whether a decision is new before you apply for a patent on it).
  • Research of novelty and inventive step (results could serve as a complete disclosure of the decision, the object of the study, timing of application and the proper shaping or reformulation of the claims)
  • Research for patent purity of the Republic of Bulgaria (inform for existing security documents within whose scope of protection and action falls the product or method/object of the study)
  • Special studies on patent inventions
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